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Q. When will my order be delivered?

In most cases, it will be delivered to you within 10 working days after you place your order under
normal circumstances and may take a couple more days for any other countries other than Hong
Kong. Please generously understand that it takes a little time for crafting and engraving in Korea
to prepare valuable tailor-made gift only for the child.

Q. How long is the chain? What age will be suitable for wearing these?

Silver chain : 34cm + Adjustable chain length: 3cm
(12” + Adjustable chain length: 1 1/2”)
Gold chain : 34cm + Adjustable chain length: 3cm
(12” + Adjustable chain length: 1 1/2”)

• Bracelet
Silver chain : 13cm + Adjustable chain length: 3cm
(5” + Adjustable chain length: 1 1/2”)
Gold chain : 13cm + Adjustable chain length: 3cm
(5” + Adjustable chain length: 1 1/2”)

*For initial necklaces and bracelets, the chain length includes the pendant length.

You can find it enjoyable for a wide range of age groups. In general, it will be perfectly suitable
for the age from 100 days old until 6 years old.

Q. Can I order a chain with a specific length?

Yes, you can. If you leave us an email about the chain length and the product you want, we will
notify you the additional cost. You will also be able to select the chain you want from the Chain
Option section in the product page. Ask us through our Q&A Board or email us at kaiu@kaiuhk.com

Q. Silver has been tarnished soon after I bought the product.
What is the reason and what do I need to do?

There are some customers who claim that their silver product has been tarnished after wearing it
a few times. This happens often especially during the summer period due to the high humidity
and sweating as well. Silver tarnishes when it’s exposed to hydrogen sulfide which exists in our
daily environment. It exists in air(especially humid air), eggs, onions, rubber, and wool and it can
be also found in our body, namely in our sweat and grease. These are the sources causing silver
jewelries get tarnished. There is no research which directly answers why someone’s silver jewelry
gets tarnished while other’s one doesn’t when they sweat the same amount. However, we assume
that different proportion of the components in our sweat may be the possible cause.

The friction caused by wearing silver jewelry everyday actually prevents tarnish and polishes the
silver product. Basically, the more you wear, the less chance of tarnishing will be expected.
However, we recommend you washing your silver jewelry often to remove sweat and pollutants.
Since silver tends to attract minute particles from the air, any sweat remaining on the necklace
can cause tarnishing. Therefore, constant effort will be needed. If the tarnishing continues, the
silver may appear black. The accumulated tarnishing can cause an allergy reaction on babies’
sensitive skin.

To remove tarnish, we recommend using a cloth together with toothpaste. Put the toothpaste on
the cloth and clean your silver jewelry. Wash it in flowing water and dry it thoroughly. However,
silver that appears black may not be easy to clean. For children whose jewelry is easily tarnished,
we recommend purchasing a bracelet rather than a necklace because there is normally less sweat
on the wrist than the neck.

Please note that Kaiu uses sterling silver(.925)and tarnishing is one of the characteristics of silver.

Q. Why does my silver product seem less shiny than other’s?

It is because of our differentiated process of rhodium plating which is a little different from
others’. The popular process of rhodium plating has 2 steps where the first step is the nickel or
palladium plating to make silver more shiny and the second step is the rhodium plating. However,
since the nickel or palladium plating can cause allergy reaction to babies’ sensitive skin, we
decided to skip that process. Instead, we’re following a 3 step process which consists of rhodium
plating, platinum plating followed by rhodium plating. Even though our product might be less
shiny and we spend a little more expense, we value that it is much safer for your baby. Also our
platinum plating lasts for a longer period of time.

Q. How can I care for my rhodium-plated jewelry?

Kaiu’s plating process which is to prevent tarnishing and to enhance the scratch protection
includes 3 steps which consists of rhodium plating, platinum plating, and rhodium plating. This
process costs more but makes the silver product safer and lasting longer than other commonly
used processes. However, the plating can’t last forever while babies tend to bite and suck their
jewelries so that the platinum plating might come off. If your silver jewelry has been platinum
plated, we recommend washing it with soap when bathing your child. If possible, use ultrasonic
cleaner which can be found at opticians.