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How the Kaiu baby Jewelry Started

Since our business inception in 2002, our effort and sincerity in making jewelry for baby have never been changed. Our belief and business

philosophy from the first day is to give our priceless babies something special and memorable gift, and it will remain unchanged forever.
process4 process3


Inspired by everyday objects, Kaiu designers get ideas to recreate

elegant,  sophisticated  and  suitable jewelry  for babies  and children.  From the

moment of simple drawing by pencil, our designers give experts’considerations;

space  for  engraving,   location  of  birthstone  as  well  as  baby’s  comfort  level.

They  also take account  of safety for children,   rounded smooth edges   in every

single detail,   solidity of the chains and safe clasp are   the main characteristics

of Kaiu products. The design is being completed through numerous modifications

all the time.

◀ The left picture is the working process using 3D CAD.


Making Jewelry Model

The wax jewelry model is a foundation for making a silver casting. With the combination of

our hand craftsmanship expertise and the computerized 3D CAS system, we create and modify

various wax patterns exquisitely.

The picture that our jeweler is carving wax model using handpiece ▶


▲ The wax model and the prototype of Tiara Bracelet/The wax model of Baby Comb


Once the sculpture is complete, we send it to our long-standing partner caster to

make an original wax model for casting. Then it can be cast in silver or gold pendants through

the investment casting process continually.

◀ The picture of the wax model of Silver Airplane Baby Necklace


Our skilled designers devote themselves to engraving since we treat this

process as the life giving moment to your baby’s jewelry. Each character

will be solidly engraved to keep the precious meaning permanently  and to mark

special moments.

process12 process13


With the hope to bring all the good things, we add the birthstone to

celebrate baby’s birth month and we were the pioneer to introduce

this concept in Korea. It will be pleasurable and meaningful to give a birthstone

jewelry to your baby, hoping for the him or her to achieve all the good meanings

contained in every single birthstone.


Safety & Quality control

To  ensure enough  and appropriate level  of solidity  for the

safety  of your  children,  our products have been  tested  by
Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (www.polymer.co.kr) and obtained

“Safe for baby and child”. Please click here to see the solidity test result.

And we also test the silver content in our product every month to monitor

and maintain the high quality. Please click here to see the silver content

test reulst.

Kaiu Korea head office

3/F, 322-6, Gwangjang-dong
Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea
Tel: 82-70-7465-5101

Kaiu Hong Kong

Unit A, 9/F, Best-O-Best Commercial Centre
32-36 Ferry Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: +852-3487 1771